About us

The company SUMA Ltd . or business services has been successful in doing business since 1990. During
our longtime experience we conducted a wide range of business services that could be categorized to several basic groups:

– Business Consulting
– Tax Advisory
– Financial Consulting
– Feasibility studies
– Accounting Services
– Bookkeeping Services

The company, with its human resources, is trained for all kinds of business services. We offer complete independent management of the most complex jobs in production, trade and services, fully self-contained on our server, in cloud as well as terminal. We also specially perform segmented operations as needed (payroll calculation, depreciation calculation, VAT calculation, customer and supplier matching, financial monitoring, payment order execution, annual payment, etc.).
In our work, we have served over 100 companies and trades.
Below is a list of a few companies we have successfully collaborated with:

– Piaggio Hrvatska d.o.o.
– Auto Kuća Gašperov d.o.o.
– Gašperov d.o.o.
– Ameropa Žitni Terminals d.o.o.
– Družba za nekretnine d.o.o.
– Var Vitor d.o.o.
– Optika Žuljan d.o.o.
– Galeb d.d.
– Facility Service d.o.o.
– Put Proing d.o.o.
– Spomo Stiropor d.o.o.
– Motio d.o.o.
– Kandi Commerce d.o.o.
– California Trade d.o.o.
– Fieri d.o.o.
– Boating j.d.o.o.

The team in charge of conducting and monitoring the success of business cooperation at all levels of cooperation consists of experienced, highly qualified employees and associates, and is able to find solutions for the most complex business operations.